(nekro)tapheio Furstenwald Kienast & Vogt Landscaftarchitekten Chur, Switzerland 1992-1996

The tittle indicates a landscape design project by Dieter Kienast and Günther Vogt, for the oldest Swiss city, in the south-eastern Alps. My personal landscape investigations are closely linked to this place. In a field trip organised to explore Swiss architecture, on my way from Lake Constance to the Ticino valley, I made a stop to visit the […]

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Landscapes of humanity

When we talk about landscapes of human inhabitation we could not refer to independent constructs but to complex interferences with nature, elements that previously existed and resilient elements.Urban landscapes may be considered as natural terrains adapted to human interventionism and needs.

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Urban BLUR is a publication and an ongoing project bringing together writings, concepts and schemes on multi-layered infiltrations between city and nature. available at: urbanBLUR at amazon more details soon…

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